5 Design Lessons We Can Take From Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Former $24 Million Beverly Hills Home

5 Design Lessons We Can Take From Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Former $24 Million Beverly Hills Home

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently listed their 0.86-acre property. This amazing 5-bedroom home was taken off the market by an anonymous buyer almost as soon as it was listed, and for good reason too! The power couple’s $24 million home comes with large floor-to-ceiling windows, rich natural textures, exotic finishes, and our personal favorite – a completely awe-inspiring grand piano for a serenade from the multi-award-winning singer, John Legend.

This modern home which was originally constructed in 1966, is finished in lightly textured dark grey exterior paint on the exterior. The driving way is warmly lit by modern exterior lighting and flanked by lush green trees.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Beverly Hills home.
Photo: Anthony Barcelo/Douglas Elliman

This builds high expectations of what to expect in this lovely home. A brief tour around the interior of this magnificent home has inspired 5 design lessons.

High ceilings can dramatically transform a space:

A recurrent feature in Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s 8,520 square feet former home is high dramatic ceilings, and it’s hard not to love it! In the living room, you are met with a contemporary feel ceiling-high windows and drapery alongside select furniture pieces that greatly complement the design style. One thing that easily stands out is the modern fireplace/tv wall that gives the visual effect of running the entire length of the wall. But in actuality, this beauty is terminated halfway and finished off by a continuous vintage metallic finish wall facade.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legen Beverly Hills Home floor-to-ceiling windows Floor-to-Ceiling windows open to the outdoors.
Photo: Anthony Barcelo/Douglas Elliman

The interior spaces are awash with natural lighting:

A healthy supply of natural lighting within a space helps to mentally connect with nature and can visually warm the space to sunlight. The large open windows in this home do just that. Even better, these windows overlook Beverly Hills, giving the most enthralling views.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legen Beverly Hills Home TV room The TV room.
Photo: Anthony Barcelo/Douglas Elliman

Grand is better:

It is hard to miss the famous purple grand piano once you are inside this beautiful home. If you observe, the furniture and decor pieces in this home play with scale. This is because the space in itself is large, thus decor elements of choice have to reflect this grandness to give an elaborately regal feel within the interior. The grand piano, the furniture, the patterned ceiling finish, as well as the drapery, all reflect this grand scale in this modern design.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legen Beverly Hills Home living room with grand piano The living room with the grand piano.
Image credit: Anthony Barcelo, Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

Persian rugs add visual interest:

Not only do rugs define a space, but they also add visual character to any modern space. In the master bedroom, the Persian rug is visually captivating and complemented beautifully by round contemporary pendant light as well as the metallic feature wall finish.

The master bedroom.
Photo Credit: Anthony Barcelo/Douglas Elliman

The thrill is in the details:

The beauty of a space is in the attention to details. The brass bathroom hardware in the bathrooms elegantly complement the marble vanity tops and modern textured wall finishes.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legen Beverly Hills Home Master bathroom with brass hardware and accessories The master bathroom.
Photo: Anthony Barcelo/Douglas Elliman
The Top Features in LeBron James’ New Mediterranean-style $36.75 Million Home

The Top Features in LeBron James’ New Mediterranean-style $36.75 Million Home

LeBron James New Mediterranean style Beverly Hills Home The Estate bird’s eye view
Image credit: Jim Barstch Via Forbes


Earlier in July this year, LeBron James reportedly closed the deal on his new $36.75 million Mediterranean-style home

The estate which formerly belonged to Lee Philip Bell is located in the Beverly Hills Post Office area and overlooks the best parts of Beverly Hills.
Lebron James, who plays the Los Angeles, seems to have quite the architectural taste as this mansion sports various awe-inspiring details such as enthralling views of Beverly Hills, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, exposed wooden beam ceilings, a screening room, a pool, and a tennis court. Originally built in the 1930s, this home has been kept in excellent condition over the years by the Philip Bell estate. This lovely home would be the third owned by Mr. James who owns two(2) additional homes in Los Angeles.
The 2.5 acres estate is composed of a main house, two(2) guesthouses, a tennis court, a pool & pool house, and a Mediterranean-style motto court centered by a water fountain. The main house, the subject of our focus, spans an impressive of 9,100 square feet. We have compiled the 3 top features of the Mediterranean-style home that will certainly catch the attention of any decor-lover.


The Living Room:

LeBron James New Mediterranean style Beverly Hills Home The Living room with exposed wooden beams and dome ceilingImage credit: JIM BARTSCH / Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

One of the most captivating features in the main building of this Mediterranean-style is the exposed wooden beams in the living room ceiling finish. Mediterranean-inspired homes are often characterized by dome ceilings, white stucco walls, aquatic palettes, and calming natural tones that echo the design affinities of ancient Spanish and North African countries. This living room embodies this magnificence.

The fireplace catches the attention as one settles in this lovely living room, a few meters away from the patio. This lovely fireplace is 1 among the 6 other fireplaces situated in other spaces in this home. The sliding glass doors frame the amazing views across the patio that overlooks the rest of Beverly Hills. And finally, by introducing lush indoor palm against the white stucco walls, the warmth created by the natural wood ceiling and floor tones is further enhanced.

The Dining Area:

LeBron James New Mediterranean style Beverly Hills Home The dining area with skylight
Image credit: JIM BARTSCH / Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

The dining area provides a captivating skylight view, as well as an aqua-green fountain installation that brings the space to life. The cane antique dining chairs around blooming flowers in a basket planter further add visual excitement to the dining area. Other interesting details in the dining area include a plethora of green life that creates a lived-in feel, and this is reinforced across the other spaces within this home is exquisite.

The Patio:

LeBron James New Mediterranean style Beverly Hills Home The patio with a view
Image Credit: Jim Bartsch / Courtesy of Hilton & Hyland

The patio is a personal favorite. This lovely patio is dotted with tall palm trees, lush flower beds, and a water fountain bordered by outdoor planters. An evening walk around this outdoor area, culminating in a soaking of the evening sun on the patio furniture offers a calm family bonding time for the NBA superstar.


How to Create the Ultimate Modern Home Theater Experience

How to Create the Ultimate Modern Home Theater Experience

modern home theater top NBA player
A modern home theater for a top NBA player, designed by our team
Image credit: www.interiorobsession.com

Home theaters have increasingly become a necessity in modern luxury homes. A home theater is a fun way to bring family together and still have a top-notch theater experience without leaving your home. We have compiled 5 quick ways to achieve the ultimate modern theater experience in your luxury home. While these are pointers, it is necessary to work with professionals or specialists to avoid expensive mistakes and achieve a brilliant finished look for your modern home theater.


The location of your home theater within your house can influence a lot of design decisions surrounding the space. Some clients have ample space designated for this, but make-shift home cinemas can also be built into odd spaces like the basement or the attic. A quick consideration would be the thinness of the walls; as thin walls might tend to disturb the neighbors or other members of your home.

Additionally, the shape of the room can have an acoustic effect on the space. For instance, the ratios of the wall length to ceiling height can affect the acoustics within your modern home cinema. While you may not necessarily have the luxury of a trapagon-shaped room, you certainly do not want to be working with a square room due to audio performance.

The screen:

The screen is the main focus of your home theater, therefore it is paramount to define that type of screen to install based on your budget. For a great cinema experience, opt for a screen and projector choice. For example, 4k screens offer excellent contrast and brilliant color projection.

The size of your home cinema can also influence the screen choice. As a rule of thumb, the larger the screen, the farther away the seating should be.

modern home theater with large screen and comfortable seating
Image credit: @estudiocriativoarq via Instagram

Sound and insulation:

We recommend acoustic treatment for the walls and ceiling for the ultimate sound experience. This can be done by using insulating materials like Rockwool or acoustic foam on the walls, floors, or as much as your budget allows. Great sound insulation will ensure the sound stays confined to your cinema space, as well as prevent unwanted sounds such as echoes.

For the speaker system, you can either opt for a soundbar or a surround system. A soundbar is the perfect solution if you wish to achieve the surround system effect with a minimalist look, but this might not nearly give you the much desired immersive experience of a surround system. On the other hand, a properly installed surround system would also work great in your space.

insulated luxury home thater with comfortable seating
An excellently insulated luxury home theater with comfortable seating, designed by our team
Image credit: www.interiorobsession.com  Design by www.interiorobsession.com)


Lighting is a vital part when creating your modern home theater. You can create your ambient lighting from recessed downlights, LED lights or soft ceiling lights, or even table or floor lamps. However, ensure your lights are on dimmers. Essentially, the lighting in your home-cinema should be dim enough not to interfere with your movie nights, but bright enough to find your way around and eat some popcorn.

modern home theater contemporary pendant and mood lighting
Home theater design – Contemporary pendant lighting, mood lighting, and unified fluffed up seating area.
Credit: @roomporn via Instagram


dark theme luxury home theater with fiber-optic star ceiling design
Dark-themed luxury home theater with fiber-optic star ceiling design
Image Credit: Jamesedition.com


There are two important (2) considerations when it comes to seating. Foremost is comfort and secondly is the seating arrangement. You will typically spend hours in this space, so it is wise to opt for very comfortable and richly upholstered seating. Additionally, you can opt for a one-row seating arrangement or multi-row seating depending on how large the space is.


We would generally advise for your home theater to replicate or complement the design theme that is already present in the rest of your home. But in some cases, clients would prefer to have the home theater decor style to be some sort of getaway or man-cave from the rest of the family.

Depending on your preference, you could opt for contemporary, modern, minimalist, mid-century modern, or even chic home theater design styles. The private home theater is a blank canvass to explore your creativity and design inclinations. The options are limitless! But only one design theme at a time.

Luxury home theater snack bar with consistent decor theme, designed by our team
Image credit: www.interiorobsession.com


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