America’s first black president

A Stretch of road in Los Angeles will be renamed after the former President Barack Obama. Obama Boulevard will replace Rodeo Road. The street honoring America’s first black president.

Color Equals Value

Invite Instant Equity by Painting Your Front Door

In real estate, the name of the game is curb appeal. By grabbing potential buyers’ attention outside to bring them in, sellers greatly up their odds for a faster, more profitable sale. And an especially inviting front door is the perfect attraction to welcome buyers across the threshold.

A simple coat of paint—in the right shade, of course—can boost your home’s selling price by thousands.
That’s according to online real estate database Zillow, which recently released an analysis after examining some 135,000 photos from listings across the U.S. since 2010. Zillow found that on average, houses with black or charcoal gray front doors sold for as much as $6,271 more than expected.
At this rate, the return on investment for painting a home’s front door far exceeds that of more traditional pre-sale improvements, such as kitchen and bathroom remodels.And for handy homeowners who don’t mind the half-day DIY project of painting their front door, the relative payoff may be even greater.
“For a seller, painting the front door is one the least expensive home improvement projects. But it can have a powerful impact on a home’s sale price,” says Real Estate Broker and Interior Designer Lisa Turner.
Pops of color are especially important for front doors, according to Zillow. It often forms the first impression in a prospective home buyer’s mind and can determine how they will view the rest of the property. A door painted in a popular color can help give buyers a sense that the property is well cared for.
And while dark gray and black are increasingly popular choices, they aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-allcolors that work for every front door. However,interestingly enough, according to, a black door gives buyers the impression that your house is a serious, stately and safe choice. It’s so popular that two of Sherwin-Williams’ top 50 paint colors fit the bill: Peppercorn and Tricorn Black.

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