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Interior Obsession is an award winning design firm based in Beverly Hills and recognized as one of the top Design Firms in the country. Established in 1989 as a full service interior Design Studio, specializing in Luxury Residential Design and Commercial Design. With a signature style and breadth of projects that have graced the pages of Elle Decor, Interiors Magazine, and California Home & Design, Interior Obsession is sure to make each project your next obsession.


Interior Obsession

Lisa Turner, Allied ASID and founder of Interior Obsession, brings over two decades of creative Interior Design and Management expertise to her firm and clients. Her philosophy is a love of color and respect for Architecture. The dominant factor in her approach is to achieve the highest level of quality within budget and project scope, while expressing a sense of style that is both unique and appropriate to the project and its environment.

"Interior Obsession is a full-service interior design firm. The company’s portfolio is one of L.A.’s most diversified."



Lisa turner of interior obsession assisted me on every facet of creating the look I wanted. Various criticalities of decorative services for my home have been taken under her supervision including choosing the contractor and directing him. Multiple amendments like replacements for the home essentials including the furniture and furnishings as well as addition of a total sound system throughout my home. Lisa not only understands interior design, material and colours but very shrewd on site. She well knows how to resonate with her client’s expectations and real fun to work with.

“Lisa Turner is a pleasure to work with. She transformed the space into something that looked spacious and gorgeous. We were stunned and delighted with what came out. She manages very well with our budgets and helps to stock the space with needed items. Even being abroad, it was a convenient communication with her.“

“Working with interior obsession was great . Communication was easy where I always specified my preferred aesthetics and they came up with amazing ideas for my home. They always offered good suggestions like making the space seem larger. Overall process of installing everything took longer than expected though.“

“Steve Jobs once said,” the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” And Lisa loves what she does! Lisa did two homes for me and for me she is one of the most talented people I ever met. The beauty of her work is that she carves the outcome into something out of this world. I call her the, “Every ready bunny” for she works with tireless spirit. Over the years I have learnt that she is an individual who never utters a word of negativity about a person. She is a superlatively good designer who is a present in my life.“